PARISH CHRISTOCENTRIC CUSTOMER SERVICE - As parish ministers we are expected to live out the Good News of our Lord.  We serve the parishioners and strive to provide exceptional liturgies, outstanding catechetical experiences, fulfilling service opportunities, ministry to the sick and dying; all with the intent to bring the faithful closer to God. We will explore the ways the staff members interact with each other and with the parishioners to ensure that an encounter with a staff member is an encounter with Christ.

PASTORAL ADMINISTRATION  - Uncovering what it means to be a Pastoral Associate, Youth/Young Adult Minister, Director/Coordinator/Administrator of Religious Education; living our ministerial call to educate and inspire.  This program provides information on time management, working with volunteers, effective communication, the importance of prayer time, developing an engaged parish staff, caring conversations, and caring for ourselves.  Ministers will come away refreshed and invigorated ready to return to their parishes and bring Christ into every encounter!