Parish Missions and Retreats

Select from one of these or we can design a specific mission or retreat for your group. 

Overview of the Bible -  A "walk" through the Bible to give Catholics a better appreciation for sacred scripture.  Participants will have a better understanding of the canon of scripture, able to locate biblical passages, understand the difference between a work about history and a history of salvation, allegory and storytelling, and the richness of the text.

Last 7 Words of Jesus - A look at the seven last words of Christ during his passion and crucifixion.  An excellent Lenten program reviewing the passion and death of our Lord, and how in his humanity he demonstrated his divinity. 

Understanding the Mass - We attend mass but are we actively participating in the celebration?  Are we there to check off the box that we attended mass, or are we present to praise and worship our Lord and God?  This program examines the origin of the mass, a review of the parts of the mass, and the importance of being fully engaged in the liturgy. 

Liturgical Season of the Triduum - The Triduum is the shortest and important liturgical season we experience as Catholics.  Topics in this program include:  what are the liturgical seasons; the specific outcome of the three days of the Triduum: Holy Thursday, Good Friday and Holy Saturday; the liturgical importance and significance of this season.

The Incarnation - A program to understand the humanity and divinity of Jesus Christ.  Beginning with the need to have a savior and concluding with his passion and death, participants will better understand the man and God, Jesus. Attention will be placed on the Annunciation, Mary's fiat and the Nativity.